Time has come to a full circle. We tell you how. So, earlier people would prefer simple analogue watch to know the time. Then we were introduced to smartwatches which boast of presenting everything on our wrist. Heart rate? Check. Time to stand? Check. Time to drink water? Check. Mails? Check. And more. Now, most of us are shifting back to analogue watches ‘coz humko simple life chahiye without being loaded with too much information.


A watch ad which has gone viral on Twitter talks about exactly what we are trying to say.

A Twitter user, @sammillencramer, posted a photo of the advertisement on the micro-blogging platform in which we can see an analogue wrist watch being presented on a billboard. The tagline of the ad goes like, “Know the time without seeing you have 1,249 unanswered emails.”

Check the tweet here:

Twitterati have various things to say about the ad. Let’s check their reactions here:

The reason why I don’t want a smartwatch. Not knowing is bliss. 


I’ve been wearing watches since I was in 1st grade. I will never wear a smartwatch. Period.


This is why I love my analog watch… no I don’t need to stand up or breathe lol (sic). 


So, what do you think of their branding? Yay or nay? We can surely say that with such message, this minimalistic advertising took the cake already. ‘Coz we definitely don’t need to know the time to breathe. LOL!