Okay. Don’t freak out but Dobby the free Elf might be alive. And apparently, he’s moved on from gathering socks and saving Harry Potter to dancing in muggle neighbourhoods at night.


So, this is what happened. A CCTV camera footage of an elf-like creature has been going viral. 


Now, all that might be a bit of hoax and lot of shady video editing but hey, as far as those who believe in magic are concerned, all we can see is that Dobby is alive.  

Yeah. Dobby be living #ThugLife now. He doesn’t give a shit about your medieval rules, wizards.

Or is it?

Although, some muggles weren’t very happy to see the dancing elf at night.

Calm down, it’s just probably Kreecher. 

The real scary thought. 

Now then, what do you think?