Almost anything goes viral these days. This means not all of them are vetted and let’s be honest, we can’t really vet the internet. This often results in viral images among other things. So we made a list of some such pictures that have gone so viral that everyone has at some point or the other come across them. But they are all fake. 

1. Turns out the dude’s main skill was photoshopping.

2. This brilliant castle is actually a clever editing of a rock from Thailand and a castle from Germany. 


3. Didn’t think MGM tortured lions but it’s still good to know. 


4. Hilton actually recently revealed in a Tik Tok video that the infamous t-shirt was fake. 


5. I pity the poor bastards that used this picture to get inspired at some weird level. 


6. This picture of a Frozen Venice is actually an edit of the Lake Ballikal in Russia. 


7. Technically a black Lion would be a Black Panther. And if they exist, nobody has been able to capture a picture of them. 

Awesome Inventions

8. Nope. You should have seen way too many photoshopped moons by now to know that it was fake. 

Awesome Inventions

9. If a bear was chasing someone on a bicycle, let alone a pro, there would have been something on the news. 


10. No one was dabbing during the World Wars, for heaven’s sake! It’s a still from the movie Dunkirk. 


11. It is actually a very popular bear. He regularly appears in stock photos of bears. 

12. No, Einstein wasn’t cycling away from an actual explosion!

Awesome Inventions

13. I hope the poor woman is alright. The stuff she must have dealt with after this picture went viral. 

Awesome Inventions

14. As beautiful as that is, it’s just not real. 

Viral Khichdi

15. Turns out the teenager who did a billion surgeries to look like Angelina Jolie but looked like her zombie counterpart did only the photoshopped part of it. Thankfully!

Disha Daily

16. Sharks don’t hang out in hotel lobbies!

El Confidencial

17. This is actually a scene from the TV show Lost and not the actual wreckage from the actual Malaysian Airline jet. 

Awesome Inventions

18. This image has often been used as the Fairy Pools of Scotland when in fact, this is a Shotover River in New Zealand and the purple colour is just some filter.

19. Please tell me you didn’t fall for this?


20. It’s just a very large cow on grass. 


21. No idea why anyone would photoshop that gorgeous picture to begin with!

AZ News

22. I mean, come on. 


23. Wow. I really thought this was real. I mean, we live in India. I am pretty sure we have seen some such adjustments on billboards across town. 


Now ponder over every viral image you have ever seen or/and shared!