In the meme verse, every scene can become hilarious regardless of the context. All memers need is a memorable catchphrase uttered with the right emotions, and social media makes it go viral. In 2022 as well, several dialogues from pop culture became unforgettable memes.

Here’s a throwback to 2022 viral memes that became a part of day-to-day conversations and added humour to our lives.

1. Choti Bachhi Ho Kya?

A dialogue from Tiger Shroff’s debut film became the Internet’s favourite obsession after mimicry artist Deependra Singh’s video enacting the same got viral. Social media then flooded with innumerable ‘Choti Bachhi Ho Kya?‘ memes. The craze reached an extent that even the actor enacted it in a press conference for his new film.

2. Ye Sab Doglapan Hai!

As desis got gripped with the Shark Tank fever, Ashneer Grover’s volcanic temperamental voice became an auto-tuned response to call out double standards of anything and everything. And we got some rib-tickling memes.

3. Flower Nahi, Fire Hai Main!

Although Pushpa released towards the end of last year, we were all gripped with Fire Hai Main memes as we entered 2022. Basically, All is Well is now the new Fire Hain Main to give oneself that dose of self-confidence.

4. Keep my wife’s name out of your f**k**g mouth!

The world watched in shock as Will Smith hopped on the stage to slap the comedian Chris Rock during the 94th Academy Awards for directing a joke at his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. As Smith got suspended for his problematic demeanour, social media flooded with memes around the controversy.

5. Bohot Jagah Hai, Nahi Jagah Hai!

A video of two desi uncles fighting over space in a bus seat became the fodder for meme verse for quite some time. We all let our creativity take a toll on us as we fought for that extra space in imaginary scenarios and churned out the funniest memes.

6. Kaha se seekh rahe ho ye gande words?

Sakshi Tanwar’s Mai not only had us in awe of her acting, but we also got n number of memes from her ‘gande words’ dialogue. Basically, her character was just the best fictional desi mom ever.

7. Ye 80,000 ke joote hain…

tera ghar jaayenga ismein!

8. Bhai kya kar raha hai tu

Ashneer Grover’s viral dialogues from Shark Tank 2 are enough to give chills to anybody at any time of the day. Bhai kya kar raha hai tu is an emotion, a reality check, a bubble burst we don’t want to get, but we get it so clearly that it’s scary!

9. Aapko kya?

An average desi life is hounded by intrusive neighbours and entitled family members who’re way too invested in our business. In that respect, Anupama’s ‘aapko kya?’ has become the perfect response to all CCTV wale uncles and aunties!

10. Tum mera button ho Isha!

The biggest takeaway from the razzmatazz of Brahmastra was Shiva’s button. All it took was one film to trigger our search for that button, our source of power. Sadly, many of us don’t like socializing as much, so we’re hoping for our button, if it exists, to find us.

Which was your favourite 2022 meme dialogue?