A few months ago, a guy named Vipin Sahu went to Manali, tried his hand at paragliding, had a 5-minute long panic attack on video, and soon after became a meme. Lines like, “100-200 lele lekin land kara de” and “Main MC hoon jo ismein aya” will live on forever, and the meme-world is all the better for it.

That’s our boy below.

We stumbled upon a video of him from October, and it turns out the accidental celebrity has bought his dad a Mahindra Scorpio, and he claims it was only possible thanks to the love of all his fans.

Sahu uploaded a video to his official channel, where he first shows the viewers the sweet, sweet ride he’s about to surprise his dad with. 

He then thanks all the people who showed him love and made him a famous viral dude. It’s all really heartwarming.

Thank you so much for being my family, thank you so much for showering me with love. It’s thanks to you guys I am able to gift this to my father.

You can watch the full video below.

Who knew a saga that started with a guy abusing the entire paragliding industry could end up being so wholesome?