Who doesn’t want to chill? We all would happily escape to an exquisite location by the pool to relax and have the time of our lives. But, guess what? It’s not just us ‘hoomans’ who want to chill; our dogs crave that ‘me-time’ too. And consider this viral tweet as the ultimate proof of what I just said.

Dogs also get tired of receiving an overdose of affection all the time. They need some space.

The funniest part is the signboard. It is flashing a scary “Beware of Dog” message in dark red while the guard dog is asleep and so contented in his own world. Probably having a gala time!

 Not a surprise that we are all in love with this video. It is so hilarious. It is so cute!

 Does your pet love its personal space too? What’s your pet’s ‘me-time’ story?