In all honesty, Biryani isn’t a meal, it’s a feeling. If the white and orange grains of rice embellished on your plate was the only way in which you saw Biryani then today I’m gonna show you a whole new avatar of the scrumptious dish.

As Hyderabad receive a heavy downpour recently which led to excessive waterlogging, a Twitter user shared a video in which two degchis of Biryani are dramatically swimming across the flooded streets outside Adiba Hotel. 

This is no short of a never-seen-before visual. Could you take your eyes off the resilience of the degchis? Despite the incessant thunderstorms, they refuse to surrender. 

You know those breathtaking gorgeous female leads in movies who are eventually also shown to be ballsy and independent, increasing their appeal to you ten folds? Same vibe.  

Twitter has perhaps found a new meme template and we’re here for it. 

Last time I saw someone this tough was Bahubali.