We’re in the midst of the Cricket World Cup and our country has jumped onto the bandwagon with much fervour.  

While India prepares for its first match, Google Duo was making international booboos sending Virat Kohli’s message to confused users worldwide.  

Skipper Kohli & Duo had apparently intended to send Indian cricket fans a personalised message prepping them for the upcoming ICC madness. The message, however, reached hundreds of users around the globe who were left clueless about why some guy named Virat Kohli was sending them “thank you” messages. 

The discussion soon started to spill over into Reddit as well.

And Indian users even chimed in wondering why it wasn’t sent to them.

Fortunately, before things went out of hand, Google jumped in to douse the fire with their timely response.

Apparently, the message that was supposed to target its Indian users reached a worldwide audience due to a glitch. The message went as far as Canada, US, Mexico, New Zealand, Japan, and more.