Enjoy finding faults in these, dear Virgo.

1. When Virgos are fiercely loyal.

2. But also super picky about their partner.

3. On the famous Virgo rigidity.

4. When Virgos can’t make up their mind about their social personality.

5. Because Virgos ALWAYS have an opinion.

6. And they love those who share that opinion.

7. Do not criticise a Virgo.

8. And you thought your words didn’t affect your Virgo friend.

9. Virgos are terrible at being the agony aunt.

10. On the famous Virgo perfectionism bordering OCD.

11. Virgos be like, “let me get back to you. I need to overthink this through.”

12. Nope. Virgos are never wrong.

13. Because Virgos are always thinking about how to save and get more money.

14. Virgos be like, “I don’t approve.”

15. On the fierce Virgo maternal instinct.

16. Because Virgos hate confrontation as much as criticism.

17. Virgos: “Don’t tell me how to live my life.”

18.  You’ll never know what a Virgo is really thinking.


Design Credits: Kumar Sonu