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After slogging the entire week, what is it that all young, working people look forward to? Duhh, Friday evening! Going to the club for a few drinks is a weekly pilgrimage for all us party folks who like kick-starting the weekend in style.

One such carefree evening turned into a nightmare for a few Bengaluru peeps. 

Waiting to get back their cars, these club visitors got the shock of their lives when they saw a cop emerge instead of a valet. Obviously, anxiety shot up. I mean, it’s probably one of the last things that’ll be on anyone’s mind, right? You’re enjoying your drink, having a ball with your friends, heading back with that “happy” state of mind and there! You’re greeted by a cop!

Watch the video to see what really happened.

Worth your time, right? I think what Ola did as a brand is quite commendable. The message comes across quite reasonably, that too without any discourse. It’s what a smart activation should be like.

While having a few drinks is a normal thing to do, what most of us fail to understand is that it isn’t acceptable to drive afterward. Really doesn’t matter if you’ve had “just two drinks”. So go ahead, partayyy like a freak and welcome the new year in style. Just don’t forget to book an Ola and reach home safely!