The world has two kinds of people. Those who know what they are doing, and those who know they are kidding themselves but just won’t quit. Here is a range of things people fake just to look a little different for a very short duration in a very small audience of people with very weird tastes.

1. Wannabe Photographer

Shutter speed badha do. Mast photo ayegi.” -Aman Kumar Gupta© Photography™®

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2. Wannabe Artist

“Use tracing paper. Same banega .”

Image | apunkachoice

3. Wannabe Politician

“I’ve learnt the speech word-by-word. Ab toh kursi pakki .”

Image | dailymail

4. Wannabe Football Fan

“I love Man Utd, Messi and Ronaldo.”

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5. Wannabe Gangster

Yo, I’m so tough, they call me Maths, biatch!

Image | pix77

6. Wannabe Journalist

Fab India se kurta le liya. Bas, ab dekho journalism!

Image | sulekha

7. Wannabe Stoner

“I don’t like all this charas, ganja stuff. I only do hash.”

Image | funnyjunk

8. Wannabe Cook

Haan, it’s tasty. But texture can be better. You know that grain quality, like you know, it has to be perfect!

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9. Wannabe Dancer

Yaar, locking and popping se ladkiyan jyada impress hoti hain ya wave se?

Image | yashrajfilms

10. Wannabe Activist

Is desh ko America bana denge! Lao 500 rupiye!

Image | idiva

11. Wannabe Coder

“I can hack the World Bank in 10 minutes. Wo toh papa mana karte hain, warna arabpati hota.

Image | coveringmedia

12. Wannabe Singer

5 ghante riyaaz karti hoon roz. Raag pataal bhairavi sunega?

Image | abplive

13. Wannabe ‘Potterhead’

Tattchhim Marnasann!

Image | desibantu

14. Wannabe Art Connoisseur

” Wow! Beautiful! I think it denotes the pure thought that divides the two sections of our society that look so similar but are so different!” ” Ye safed patti?

Image | blueoinartinfo

15. Wannabe Musicians

“Hey, Rock n Roll is not just music, it’s a way of life! Chal, ‘Rock On’ baja!

Image | yetket

16. Wannabe Literati

“My movies are like my statements. They are tough to understand, but once you do, you know they are shit.”

Image | newsmyntra

17. Wannabe Feminist

“Men just don’t know how to respect women, saale BC MC #$%$#% !”

Image | funjabimunda

18. Wannabe Geek

“You can download everything from this website called torrents. It’s awesome.”

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19. Wannabe Comic

Madarchod! HAHAHA!

Image | livemint

20. Wannabe Writer

20 saal se writer’s block chal raha tha. Flow nahi aa raha tha. Ab dekho.

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Fake it till you finally quit!