It’s a daunting task for us introverts to wriggle out of social situations. And honestly, social anxiety sprinkled with a buttload of small talk drains the life out of us. So, if you don’t have access to a bathroom 24×7 where you can hide from the human species, you can employ these ideas that work equally as well.

1. Practice anti-stalking, where you make notes of people’s routines and location. 

Use that information to avoid them intentionally.

2. Look for a new job where you can interact with dogs all day instead of people.

Dogs > humans any day.

3. Volunteer for a position in another country where you don’t speak the same language.

That way you can avoid conversations with your co-workers without letting go of your high-paying job.

4. Cover the top of your door and your peek-hole with duct tape so no one can tell if your lights are on.

Warning: It only works in the night.

5. Or just pretend that you have a second job in the evening so that you have an excuse to avoid parties.

6. Delete people’s numbers from your phone. 

You don’t have to pick up the phone if you get a call from an unknown number.

7. Get your younger sibling to do everything for you so you never have to leave home.

Getting groceries, saying hello to the neighbours – the possibilities are endless.


8. Pretend that you’re listening to music on your headphones even if you aren’t. 

There’s a 9/10 chance that they’ll let you be.

9. If you frown, people will think that you are annoyed and will avoid you as much as possible. 

10. Make, “I’ll see,” your automated reply when it comes to any sort of social plans.

11. When you have guests over, pretend that you’re washing clothes or cleaning the place. 

You won’t have to head down and say hi to them.

12. …or you can make Drax, the master of invisibility, your sensei.

The key is to believe in yourself.

You’re welcome.

All GIFs have been sourced from Giphy.