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You know, if I had to sum up life in one sentence, it would probably be this: Boy, just when you think you know something. I get that it’s not possible for us mere mortals to explore the ocean of knowledge that stretches out, vast and endless, before us. So, it’s understandable that we look like dribbling babies when faced with something new. But the things that some of us believed while growing up! Darn!











Oh, my sweet summer children, worry not. So, certain common things are not what they seem. No one’s holding it against you. And since we’re on the path of epiphanies today, here’s one more: do you know Ford? Yes, the genius folks who make cars.

Well, if you’ve been holding off on buying that gorgeous model because of the servicing and maintenance costs, don’t. Contrary to infamous opinions, Ford cars are not inordinately expensive to maintain. In fact, you only have to shell as much as you would for a pair of shades. If you’re feeling compelled to say bull, check out the company’s cost and spare parts calculator, which considers the make and model of your car to tell you how much you’ll have to pay to maintain it. Go ahead, try it and debunk the myth.

I dare ya double dare ya. 

Awesome designs by Devika Kumari