When we think of kids we think of the cute things they do, the funny things they say and just as a whole, how naughty and playful they can be. However, let’s admit, kids these days are smarter than ever. They can do and say things that can amaze us and shock us at the same freakin’ time. 

They know their way around us and know just what to do to get a grown-up’s attention or appreciation. Keeping this in mind, we went ahead and asked a few people about the most amusing thing they had ever seen a kid do. And this is what they had to say…

1. When my niece had cleaned her entire room and even made her bed, we asked how come she did all this? She said that she did this because she had broken a vase and didn’t want her mother to get angry. – Rahul, 31

2. Before any family vacation or any road trip, my son would always be at his best behaviour. He would finish his homework, clean his room and even get ready all by himself. Why? Only so that he can sit on the front seat. – Sanjana, 32