Puzzles are good fun. And even after so many spot a panda puzzles befuddling the Internet, we can’t get enough of finding the cute little panda in a bunch of dogs or star wars characters! Last time around, you tried spotting a panda hidden among a bunch of cheery snowmen. This time, Matthew Merrill from California, the man known from creating head-scratching puzzles, has come up with another tricky one, and it’s pretty darn challenging.

How fast can you spot a panda hiding among this herd of elephants?

Elephants and pandas share no similarity, but this artist has camouflaged the panda so cleverly that it’s difficult to tell apart. Look harder!

Any luck?

Still trying in vain? Maybe this will help!

All right you guys. The panda is second from right in the seventh row from the bottom.

Some pandas are just really good at stealth mode.

Better luck next time, guys!