Welcome+ GoT= The crossover you didn’t know you needed.

1.The one where Arya becomes a vendor. 

2. Remember when Jon came back from the dead and it was a miraakel?

3. Sabka insaaf dilayega tera Oberyn.

4. Khaleesi and her fireballing dolls. 

5. When Sansa visits Ollenna and Margaery Tyrell for some ‘tea’.

6. When Cersei gave the best ‘burn’.

7. Moments of sibling rivalry between the Mountain and the Hound. 

8. When Jaime was the koyla to Brienne’s heera.

9. And when ‘love’ makes Jon Snow stab Danny. 

10. The one where Joffery proposes to Margaery, the ghar ki ladki.

11. When Tyrion tries his best to pacify Sansa’s waterworks. 

12. When Reek finally decides to transition back to Theon and helps Sansa escape, despite the toota hua taang. 

13. Bran having flashbacks from the ‘accident’.

14. When Brienne was getting to know Jamie. 

That’s all folks!

For those of you who didn’t like the swap, please take a minute to recall the last season of GoT.

Design credits: Shubham Gupta