Weddings are an expensive affair. The upper limit of spending is practically whatever you can’t already afford, so it can keep soaring up. So, couples generally have to stick to the plan to the very last detail. 

The Economic Times

This couple, however, might have taken that a bit too seriously. Look, nobody here’s judging. And in fact, on a personal level, massive respect for both of them. 

What these two newlyweds did was asked one of their guests to pay because he ate an extra slice of cake!


Naturally, everybody was too busy during the actual wedding to notice or care but when they saw the CCTV footage of the whole affair, they spotted our protagonist gorging on a piece of cake he wasn’t legally allowed to. 

So, they texted him and asked him to pay £3.66, about Rs 300 in Indian currency, for that extra slice of cake he devoured like an insensitive person. 

Anyhow, the dude shared this on Reddit!

The Quint

Oh, and the video you see is what the couple first sent our hero. It was a clip of him eating that cake. When he asked them he didn’t know what that meant, that’s when they explained it to him. 

Wow! Just wow! Anyone who has been to an Indian wedding in small towns has seen people literally pack food to eat at home. They use weddings like takeaway menus, WTF!