Wedding season is here, but some of us are not so excited about the news like the rest of us. For some of us, wedding season means chaos, traffic, dressing up, shopping and socialising, basically all the things we hate.

If you’re one of those people who hate the wedding season, here are 12 things you will relate with:

1. Traffic!

Traffic jams seem to multiply during wedding season.

2. You end up meeting all the relatives you’d rather not meet.

Making small talk is such a pain!

3. And they’ll all ask you where you’re studying/working over and over again.

You feel like carrying copies of your bio data so that you can keep handing them out to anyone who asks.

4. Many of us also have to deal with the customary “tum shaadi kab karoge?”

5. You have to constantly smile at everyone.

This includes people you don’t like and people you don’t know.

6. You end up spending a ridiculous amount of money on gifts.

7. Not to mention the money you spend on clothes.

And you have to buy separate clothes for each wedding you plan to attend.

8. You have to pose for silly group photos.

With people you don’t like/know.

9. All that bling!

Looking at all the ludicrous outfits and jewellery that people are wearing makes you nauseous.

10. Your precious evenings/weekends are wasted at some random person’s wedding.

11. Outstation wedding are worse. More than one day is wasted for a wedding you don’t want to attend.

12. Which means that you have to take leave from school/college/work.

Imagine wasting your leaves on some stupid wedding when you’d rather save it for your Goa trip!