Having worked weeks after weeks with only the weekends to look forward to, my worklife was going down faster than Congress’ chances of winning any kind of elections. And then it struck me – what if we got an extra holiday during the midweek?

Working two days, having a day off, working two days, and then having two days off would be a fantastic work week. We need to make Wednesdays great again!

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Plus, Wednesdays are typically the worst day of the week, because you’ve already been there two days, and you have two more to go. You really start to hate your job on Wednesdays.


People’s moods are oftentimes buoyed when they’re looking forward to enjoyable activities. And that positive attitude can have residual effects, as people remember a fun, relaxing day, even after returning to reality.

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On top of that, a short break from work might even make us better employees. 

Some work tasks actually improve when we put them aside to get a refreshed perspective. We can approach them with a fresh set of eyes and have new ideas about how to complete the task. 

You know how it goes. It’s about priorities. If you want to progress with something in your life, you need to make it a priority and therefore make time for it. 

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If your weekends are already taken with other activities, then you might have to think how you can sacrifice some time during the week. Pick a day and make it your “development day”.

We picked Wednesday because it’s in the middle of the week and that can feel like a refreshing creative break.


Imagine a working life that consisted of working for a couple days, then a day off, then another couple of days followed by the weekend. That would be far more acceptable than Monday to Friday.

Curiously, when we take a day off, we often fill it with other tasks. But there is a world of difference between something YOU decided to do and being told to do something. 

As a common working-class citizen, don’t we deserve the right to get Wednesdays off and just have some peaceful time without any deadlines?


Now you can obviously go forward and tell me how this is how it has always been and nothing can be done about it; but please note that the any injustice needs to be fought against. It doesn’t matter if it’s something that can’t be stopped.