Strange hijinks and cannabis go hand in hand – they’re like peas in very high pod. Over the years, the weirdest, most random things have happened because somebody decided to bring weed into the picture. So here are some truly memorable shenanigans that made the news.

1. UP family makes ‘ganja sabzi’ after mistaking weed for methi.

6 people from a family in Kannauj cooked and ate dry cannabis leaves that was given to them by a local vegetable vendor. They thought they were making alee-methi, but what the got instead was delirium and dizziness, ending up in the hospital. They’re all fine now, don’t worry.

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2. Man rides 600 KM from Telangana to Chhattisgarh to score weed amid lockdown.

In April this year, a man named Yashwanth Kumar and his friend rode a bike amid peak lockdown in a quest for weed. They travelled a staggering 600 km from Hyderabad to Chhattisgarh, and even managed to score 2 whole kilos of the green. On the way back however, they got busted by cops for riding pillion.


3. There’s a woman who’s literally named Marijuana Pepsi Vandyck. Once teased for her name, she recently earned a Ph.D., finally giving marijuana a good name.

Born in Chicago, this woman’s mother gave her this unusual moniker, which she said would take her places. While she was teased about it in school, Vandyck has actually never smoked marijuana in her entire life. Last year, she even earned a Ph.D, which led many to claim that someone was finally giving marijuana a good name.


4. 183 packets of hashish were found floating in the Jakhau waters in Kutch. 

In June this year, West Kutch Police found 183 packets of just hashish floating near the shore of Jakhau waters under Abdasa taluka of Kutch. They think it was part of some kind of smuggling operation, though I like to think the hash just wanted to get away from it all.

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5. Campers arrested for smoking weed, cops then find dog biscuits laced with LSD in their bag.

Last year, someone called the cops on 3 people who were camping at at Lake Ouachita State Park for smoking weed. When the cops checked their bag however, they found ecstasy, psychedelic mushrooms, crystal meth, and the weirdest one of all – dog biscuits dosed with LSD.


6. US man finds 3 bags of weed inside his cup of McDonald’s iced-tea.

Parrish Brown, 24 claims he ordered a 10-piece box of chicken nuggets, a double cheeseburger and a sweet tea with light ice and extra lemon in a McDonald’s drive-thru. When he took a sip however, he found it tasted different. Upon opening, he claims there were 3 bags of weed inside, and that he got ‘high as a kite’. 

NY Post

Pretty bizarre stuff.