India is our homeland and we love it with all its quirks. We have been adapting and adjusting ourselves since our childhoods. However, not everyone is accustomed to surviving on this land.

From stealing a 10,000-tonne tower to hurting sentiments during celebrations by a single line, our nation is not for beginners, and the following instances are living evidence.


1. Ranbir Kapoor faced a complaint for ‘hurting religious sentiments’ by saying ‘Jai Mata Di’ during Christmas celebrations. 

During the celebrations, the actor was seen lighting the flambé cake and saying jai mata di, after someone streamed alcohol on it. The complaint was filed by advocates Ashish Rai and Pankaj Mishra for insulting the Sanatan Dharma.

2. Not cars, but a train got stuck in traffic.

No, we aren’t making this up! The train was met with an unforeseen halt as the cars were on the railway crossing. The train in the back is like ‘haan, tum ye karlo pehle.”

3. A room with an open toilet and see-through shower for rent.

From gorgeous washrooms with a mountain view to a luxe shower on a beach, we have all heard about rooms with an attached washroom, but have you ever heard of a room having a toilet and shower inside it? Well, yeh dilli hain mere yaar!


4. The Turkish ice cream man finally lost at his own game.

We have seen numerous videos on how these dancing-ice cream-on-a-stick fellas have made children (and adults) sob with their antics. Nevertheless, this woman gave it back to a guy by grabbing the ice cream cone right on time. Yeh drame yahan nahin chalenge, boss!

5. A massive 50-metre-tall mobile tower was stolen from a village.

Along with the 10-tonne tower, a shelter, electrical fitting and several other tools, worth over ₹8.5 lakhs, were stolen in Uttar Pradesh’s Kaushambi. Well, our biggest concern is how the robber hid or what did they do with it?!


6. Fights and brawls are the new thing in Delhi Metro. I feel like the PDA in metro trains, which is often looked down upon, is the saving grace.

I literally travel in the metro every single day and still haven’t witnessed even an argument on the train. I don’t know if I should feel sad or happy about it.

7. The wedding guests fought and threw chairs because there was no paneer in matar paneer.

The guests, from both the groom’s and the bride’s side, got involved in a fight because of the lack of paneer in the dish. They were seen throwing plastic chairs at each other. Oh well…

8. A bridge, a train engine and an entire pond were stolen in Bihar.

Back in the day, people used to steal jewelry and money but now, we are stealing massive things like bridges and even ponds. I mean, this can only happen in India!


As I mentioned earlier, India is just not for beginners. You need to have some serious survival skills!