Pets are cute. Pets are beautiful. Imagine coming home after a long, tiring day and seeing a furry ball of love running towards you! Makes you forget all your worries. Now imagine coming home and seeing a 15 foot long python waiting for you.

Creepy as it may sound, there are people out there who love the presence of a Komodo dragon or an anaconda in their living room. Believe it or not, none of these photos have been photoshopped. These are real people with real pets. Now whether they are plain stupid or the real khatron ke khiladi , you be the judge.

1. Yes it's a crocodile. Yes she's reading him a bedtime story.

Source: News

BTW, his name is Johnie.

Source: News

2. And the parent of the year award goes to...

Source: Izismile

3. Because dogs are too mainstream.

Source: All weird pics

4. Just Santa Claus. With his reindeer. Waiting for his train.

Source: Z-city

5. What does the fox say? Lemme go, you fucker...!

Source: Kolyan

6. That's a monitor lizard. And yes, it's poisonous.

Source: R7

7. Want to get rid of ants? Keep an anteater.

Source: Softpedia
Source: Softpedia

8. Ek tha Tiger.

Source: Daily Record

And this family owns not one, but 7 fuckin' Tigers! Dude, that's insane!

Source: Daily record

9. Just takin' mah snakes out for some fresh air.

Source: TraeF

10. This man deserves a Nobel prize for walking his fish.

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11. Because ek tortoise se mera kya hoga?

Source: Humaid Al Buqaish

12. Because a white lion is way cooler than a normal lion.

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13. Because Arabs.

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14. Just a man with his pet Hyena.

Source: Hyaenidae

15. Smells like a teen skunk.

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Not only that. The pet skunk even cured it's owner's shyness. Awww...!

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16. Because nothing's more badass than walking a shark underwater.

Source: Wendy Arendts Schultz

17. Say it loud, you're a raccoon and you're proud.

Source: SWNS TV

18. Some of us can't afford a Puma T-shirt. He on the other hand...

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19. So? I own a leopard. Big deal.

Source: Barcroft TV

20. Cockroaches make for excellent pets. As displayed here.

Source: Poprikolu

It's a great thing to love animals. Maneka Gandhi be so proud right now! *Sniff*