When was the last time you were stuck in a situation where you wished you were somewhere else? All of us have faced such circumstances where we couldn’t help being awkward, weird or embarrassed. It’s a time when any other place in the world seems more appealing.

Here’s a list of 15 everyday situations that make us curse our luck for being where we are:

1. Stuck in a couple’s fight

“If I wanted so much drama, I would have stayed home and watched a re-run of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi .”

2. When parents discuss your career with others

“I wonder what successful kids say in such situations.”

3. When your friend leaves you with his friend and you have nothing to talk about

“Let’s smile awkwardly and discuss what we do even though we will never meet again.”

4. When you laugh really hard and no one else gets it

“Russell Peters must have died today.”

5. When someone constantly spits on you while talking about something you’re not even interested in

“Where are those glasses with wipers?”

6. When your stomach makes that weird noise and everyone hears it

“Good going tummy, I’ll keep that in mind while feeding you.”

Source: mashable

7. When it’s awfully quiet while you’re in the restroom taking a dump and there are people outside

“Why the hell did I eat rajma chawal here? Should have gone home.”

8. When you’re part of a debate and someone is adamant on being stupid

“Aaahhh. I wish I was deaf.”

9. When you’re literally stuck between people who’re talking about something you know nothing about

“I wish I was crazy and had an imaginary friend.”

10. When someone with bad breath comes close to talk to you

RIP nose!

11. When you’re holding your girlfriend/boyfriend and your parents walk in

*Eyes tight shut* “This never happened, this never happened..” *Eyes open* “Shit, it did not work!”

12. When you’re watching a movie with your parents and an adult scene comes on

“I hope I can sink under the seat till this scene is over. Ooh, Monica Bellucci!”

13. When everyone is watching you, and you trip

“Why the hell did I not fall into a hole that opens up into a different dimension?”

14. When you’re about to pay the bill and realise you have no money

“Maybe I can go to the loo and flush myself out.”

15. When you’re at a boring wedding where you don’t know anyone else but your parents

“Do my parents also know these people or are we here just for the free food?”

We have all been through this. We have all suffered. We have all fallen prey to it. These are some situations which God only knows why we just aren’t able to avoid and end up being stuck in. List down the times when you wished you were somewhere else in the comments section.