I think we all can proudly say that we Indians make more content than anybody on the planet. We just have a lot more people and we all love making videos and it’s a booming industry, so why not? Well, sometimes, no matter how good you think you are, or how good your friends think you are, you just have to sit and look at what you’ve done. 

But since none of you seem to be doing that, we decided to make a little list for your own sakes and our sanity. 

1. Didn’t know Batman walked around during the day. 

2. Just why! 

3. I want whatever that first lady is on. 

4. I’ll let you know when I figure what the f just happened in this video!

5. I don’t know what lesson was meant to be learnt by this. 

6. This dude obviously knows how to fix this coronavirus crisis. 

7. Wow! I am nowhere near the amount of alcohol needed to consume this amount of creativity.

8. That was scary. 

9. So, there I was, wandering about in the land of incels… 

10. Arey kya kuch bhi. Itni jaldi kaun deliver karta hai?

11. In his defence, we have all wanted to fly at some point. 

12. I guess that’s a skill. So technically, it’s just a tiny bit weird. Definitely not cringey. 

13. Do not try this in real life. Please. 

14. Wow man. That was really emotional. 

15. At some point you have to ask yourself if these people know they are cringe, right? 

16. This is new. In all my years of late-night Jokar stalking, I have never seen this visual effect in action. I guess we can all still get surprised. 

17. That was actually very cool, with the whole speedster thing. Some real talent. 

Well, while there remains an ocean of weird out there, these were some of the more creative ones. You’re welcome.