The internet is a fascinating place that many people rely on to find solutions to their unique problems. And, WikiHow is one such website that has answers to some of the most bizarre questions that you can possibly think of. 

Just like these absurd questions listed below:

1. Not happy living in India? This WikiHow page will help you start your own country.

2. If you ever wish to become a fairy, this WikiHow page is for you.

3. Wondering, how to calculate Pi by throwing frozen hot dogs? This WikiHow page will guide you.

4. Don’t know how to deal with a communist friend? Wiki’s here to guide you.

5. Tired of being hated? This WikiHow page is what you need to read.

6. This WikiHow page on how to stop a wedding is hilarious AF.

7. This WikiHow on how to fart quietly in public will save you from embarrassment.

8. Tired of sitting and shitting? Well, WikiHow has another method for you.

9. Running out of topics to talk about with your boyfriend? WikiHow has the answer.

10. WikiHow also has an answer for those who want to fart silently without letting the world know.

11. Need tips to kill awkward silent moments after having sex? This WikiHow page on how to behave after sex is meant for you.

12. If you ever run out of cooking gas, you need to read this WikiHow page on how to cook your food on your car’s engine.

13. Have you ever peed in your pants when laughing? If yes, this WikiHow article is for you. Save it.

14. If you fart while sleeping, you might want to read this amusing WikiHow page on how to stop farting while asleep.

15. Desperately wanting to call your ex? This WikiHow page will teach you resistance.

16. Have you ever thought of piercing your penis? Well, this WikiHow page has the answers you need.

17. This WikiHow page on how to meet a porn star in your area is just hysterical.

18. Want to eat with your hands like a professional Indian? Check out this WikiHow page.

19. Got no chill because you just realised you have no sense of humor? Wiki has some suggestions.

20. If you want to pretend like you didn’t fart, save this WikiHow article.

21. Always wanted to stop a sneeze? Check out this WikiHow page for possible solutions.

22. Want to burp in front of your friends for entertainment purposes? This WikiHow page will show you how it’s done.

Have you come across such bizarre questions?