Gone are the days when one would fantasize their dupatta getting stuck in a cute guy’s watch only for pehla nasha to play in your head on loop. In the post 2020 era, the ‘old fashioned’ way to have a meet-cute – even by a slightest chance of fate – is dating apps. Better believe it. 

But, we got so bored of the usual options available out there – we mean apps, but, yes also people – that we ‘bumbled our way onto the internet, in search of more. And yes, the internet is weird. But, these dating apps that we found on the internet are so weird, we’re actually curious now. Enter: My new favourite pastime! 

1. Metal Dating

Are you a metalhead seeking a fellow metalhead companion? Metal Dating is a dating site for those who want their partners to be into gothic, heavy, metal, and black metal music.


2. Furry Mate

Furry Mate is your home base if you enjoy dressing up as an animal and being involved with someone who enjoys playing dress up as an animal. Who needs foreplay when you can have furplay, I suppose. 


3. 420 Singles 

Do you prefer to light up a 4/20 (April 20th) and many other days throughout the year? If you’re looking for someone to share your next high with, 420 Singles is your final destination. 


4. Women Behind Bars

Love always finds a way. Even when someone is imprisoned, turns out. Women Behind Bars features a lot of women seeking men within prison walls.


5. Can Do Better

The idea behind Can Do Better dating site is for you to create a profile of you and your current partner. The site’s visitors will vote for the one between you and your partner who deserves better. The one with the highest score will then be granted access to the website to look for someone better. Wow. That was way harsh! 


6. Gothic Match 

Looking for love and want your goth flag to fly as a couple? Gothic Match helps emo and goth singles meet other people looking for love or friendship. It’s a gothic dating service that’s entirely free to use.


7. Singles With Food Allergies

Singles with Food Allergies is the best spot to find your soulmate who has the same food allergy as you. You’ll discover folks with all kinds of strange food allergies, some of which you’ve never heard of before. I mean, what better way to avoid choking on peanuts by accident simply because your partner loves them, no? 


8. Millionaire Dating App

ME is a millionaire matchmaker and meetup dating app for affluent, successful, gorgeous, and elite singles who are into luxury. Chat, date, and meetup with singles in your area; but also the ones who are loaded. Pretty sure this is what all the kids in Gossip Girl use. 

9. Stache Passions

If you have a very specific thing for moustaches, there’s legit, a dating app that will show you guys who only have moustaches. All kinds, different kinds. You know, to suit your preference. Stache Passions will help to find a partner with a moustache that matches your preferences.


10. Date My Pet

It’s difficult to find a guy or a girl who has a pet that will get along with yours. You may not only find a date for your pet, but also for yourself, using Date My Pet. Okay, this one, I can actually get behind. If they don’t get along with your fur babies, they don’t get along, stat! 


11. Clown Dating

Ask any clown, and they’ll tell you how difficult it is to find love while wearing all that makeup and a big red nose. Clown Dating, on the other hand, reverses this by helping clowns in meeting their special someone – a companion who will enjoy being amused by them every day. As a clown. This is really not funny. It’s serious, so quit clowning around. Or don’t. 


12. Vampire Passions

I mean, who hasn’t fantasised falling in love with a sexy-looking vampire, being turned and staying immortal in love forever, right? On Vampire Diaries people can apparently meet someone who shares their fascination for vampires. If only the Salvatore brothers are on it…


The above dating sites prove that no matter what your preferences are, there will always be someone for you, that the internet is downright weird and that humans beings are the strangest of all species.