The world has been plagued by COVID-19 with no vaccine for months! Most of us have been locked inside our house for days. Human movement, in general has slowed down!

But the people who made these news headlines haven’t slowed down, not even a little!

1. The first person who made a wheel must think evolution has finally run its course!


2. People seriously need to stop sharing their passwords with animals!


3. This is just sad!


4. Now, stories like this give me hope that all is not lost!

5. Dhaniya, mirchi aur ek bahu, WTF!


6. I can’t confirm the science behind this, but for the sake of all that’s still good in the world, just stop!


7. What did they think while selling it, ‘nobody’s gonna notice, we’ll fly under the radar’?

Deccan Herald

8. Bunnies are murderous bastards! Just watch Monty Python!


9. That kid deservs the highest of fives to ever exist. 


10. Finally, third umpire se upar bhi koi hota hai!


11. FYI, this was a natural process without any provocation by humans!

12. Finally! No creature without a natural predator should ever become endangered because they don’t want to have sex!


13. A statue! It turned out to be bloody funny looking statue!


14. This isn’t the time for a cruel joke, so I won’t make one!

Economic Times

15. Seriously people, if your pet’s a monkey, stop letting them watch films and more importantly, give them a bike!


Good lord! No matter how bad the situation is, some people just won’t stop!