Quora was supposed to be a place where people could be free to ask anything they want and get answers. It should have revolutionise our quest for answers, to literally anything. 

However, much like evolution, the internet is unpredictable. Hence, we have the next questions; real questions that were asked by real people. 

1. Neither. I would like either. In fact, I would rather hit get hit in the head at all. 

2. Okay, so who allowed teenagers here?

3. It's not okay for you to eat your own booger either!

4. The Shape of Water, I am assuming!

5. That is really racist, but if you are a woman, I get it and I apologise. 

6. If he does, he's a keeper. 

7. You should never be allowed to make anyone pregnant. EVER!

8. Actually, that's just a legit question. 

9. Binge-watch Naagin and hope it works. 

10. You're going to live the rest of your life looking over your shoulder for your cat. And you'll never see her coming. 

All this makes me wonder, where did natural selection go wrong!