What’s the weirdest thing you have done for money? Whatever you are thinking of pales in comparison to what you are about to read. I’ll bet my rent on it. Also, please note that some of these points are NSFW. Consider yourself warned. 

1. Local legend takes one for the team.

2. Everybody in this story is White. 

3. God, why? That was somehow so graphic!

4. Did you chug? 

5. I guess, she survived. 

6. Not gonna lie, teenagers are so god damn stupid, I sometimes wonder how our life span even reached 70!!

7. What’s up with putting dicks in weird places? 

8. Desperate times call for desperate measures. 

9. Hope the money you earned that day was enough to buy a new dick. 

10. Wow! Good for you, but holy shit, wow!

11. That’s not so bad. 

12. Capitalism 101. 

13. I know a legend like this. You do, too. 

14. Sorry to break it to you dude, but that man was probably not a researcher. 

15. You should have asked for more. 

16. It’s still charity, just not the one they expected. 

17. This is just cute. 

18. Of all the dumb things on the list, this is surprisingly the dumbest. 

20. Yo, that’s just hardcore!