Drinking without regrets is not the right way to do it. No, I’m not referring to you waking up on a Monday morning with a horrible hangover. I’m talking about uploading a fuck load of stories on our social media and then having to go through them the next day.

It comes from a place of personal experience when I say it’s not pleasant. Oh, and the endless DMs! Man, are they a nighmare or what?

I mean it when I say that life was much simpler when there was no social media and we didn’t have this fixation to broadcast our lives all over it. But it is what it is and we are addicts to this game of “Who did it better?”

But unlike Cinderella, when we leave a shoe behind at midnight, Prince charming isn’t coming after us, we are probably hammered out of our minds. But that’s not that bad, right? Bad is when you record it for the whole world to see and put it up on Instagram. 

Jhoothe ho tum agar tumne kabhi subah uth kar stories delete na kari ho! Looking at those “Felt cute. Might delete later” captions on a picture where you look like a potato sack picked up from a swamp definitely don’t make us feel good about the ‘fun night at the club’

Instead, we have to sit through the embarassment of swiping through the stories, living every moment again. But our sober mind looks at those stories and wonders — “Why did I think this was a good idea at the time?”

“Yayyyy, whattenight! I love you guysss so muchhh! Look, look here! I’m making a videooooooooo.”

^Something that sounds like that blares out of your phone’s speaker and you try to remember why you were being so friendly with that one person you don’t even like.

So, you swipe further and bury yourself deeper in your bed with regret, deleting every single one of them in shame. Then you think to yourself — “It’s just 9 AM on a Sunday morning, how many people could’ve seen it by now?”

Then your eyes see the real horror; most of your followers had front row seats to your shitfaced shenanigans. To make matters worse, that new boy at work you’ve been crushing on for weeks was also a witness to the evidence that you can’t handle your liquor before you could get rid of it.

Not like there was any chance to begin with but now the possiblity of asking him out for ‘drinks’ seems like a bad idea. I’m sure no one wants to go out drinking with someone who thought putting up a video of how beautiful the tiles were in the club’s bathroom was a ‘rad’ idea.

So, the next day at work involves me keeping my head down while my colleagues snigger away at my poor videography skills. 

So, I have no option but to accept my fate and tell myself to not repeat this…….until next weekend (Wink, wink).