What’s love if not protection and having someone’s back at all times? Whether that’s your family, friends or pets. In fact, anyone who has a pet knows that they would do anything for them! And, that’s exactly what happened in this video, that seems to be all over the internet.

Twitter/ 55mmbae

In this viral TikTok, a woman is seen fiercely protecting her dogs from a grizzly bear trying to attack them. The video starts off with the dogs and grizzly bear going at it when suddenly the woman runs out and literally pushes the bear off of the wall it’s standing on! 

Twitter/ 55mmbae

What’s amazing is that she didn’t even think twice and turned into a total dog mom to protect her kids. It was a quick moment of bravery. She acted on her instinct and thought of her dogs’ safety first. The internet has been abuzz with comments about the video, some people praising her and others being taken aback by her badassery. 

Here is the video that was posted on Twitter. 

And here are the comments the video received! 

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