We all watch the many adventures of superheroes and international spies in films and on television and fantasise about one day, living the exciting, danger-filled lives they do. Playing with fire is what they call baaien haath ka khel and it’s pretty much everything we ordinary fucks aspire to do. Unfortunately, there’s only so much that we, the non-movie regular folk, can do to simulate that spy-esque thrill in our lives.

Here are some of the tiny-but-totally-electrifying ways in which we, the people of modern world comforts, try our hands at truly living life on the edge. We’re not kidding. If you do these things, you are one daring motherfu**er.

I’m glad we helped you discover the daredevil within. Are there any other humble-yet-insane risks you’ve taken in your everyday life? Tell us in the comments.

Dangerous designs by Utkarsh Tyagi