Memes are constantly evolving, but it’s important to remember your roots. The original memes involved some real people, people who now do more than eat sand and laugh at burning houses.

1. Success Kid – Sam Griner

This viral meme of a kid trying to eat sand by ending up looking like he just high-fived Hulk Hogan originated in 2007. As you can tell, the kid’s still got it.

2. Side-Eyeing Chloe

This YouTube video of a little girl who’s had enough of her sister’s shit became an instant sensation. We’ve all felt like Chloe at some point, though she seems to have learnt to hide her feelings a little better.

3. Disaster Girl – Zoe Roth

In 2004, Dave Roth took a picture of his daughter smiling in front of a burning house. She also looked like she was doing the work of Satan, to put it mildly. Her love for fires clearly hasn’t been ‘extinguished’ – Ayyy LMAO!

4. Doge – Kabosu

Atsuko Sato’s Shiba Inu Kabosu was pictured in 2010 looking peculiarly at the camera, in what has become the iconic ‘Doge’ meme. What a cuticle!

5. Overly Attached Girlfriend – Laina Morris

Laina Morris put up a parody video on YouTube in 2012, which quickly transformed into the crazy eyes meme of yore. Now, she’s practically a celebrity.

6. Ridiculously Photogenic Guy – Zeddie Little

People’s hearts spontaneously combusted when this picture of Zeddie Little running in the 2012 Cooper River Bridge Run went viral. Here’s the heartbreaker now.

7. Trying To Hold In A Fart In Class Guy – Michael McGee

This picture was poppin’ in more ways than one. It went viral after someone posted it on Reddit. Looks like he finally hit the gas!

8. Bad Luck Brian – Kyle Craven

This legendary image was first posted by a long-time friend of Kyle/Brian (who needs enemies?) in 2012. Our boy grew up, and hopefully got lucky too!

9. Ermahgerd Girl – Maggie Goldenberger

We’ve all got embarrassing pictures from our childhood, Maggie’s just happened to make its way on to the internet!

10. First World Problems Woman – Silvia Bottini

Silvia Bottini is actually a famous Italian actress. Well she sure convinced us!

11. Scumbag Steve – Blake Boston

This image of Blake, also known as Weezy B, was taken by his mother and showed up on the net in 2011. Keepin’ the scumminess alive, Blake!

Honestly, this was like the meme version of ‘never meet your heroes’. Weird.

h/t: Bored Panda