In case you haven’t already heard, the I&B ministry is going to be taking control of Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime among other online streaming platforms. Now this obviously means a lot of censorship, cos old people can’t see anybody else happy. Anyhow, in that spirit, we imagined what different web series would look like under the ministry. 

1. No idea what Golu is doing there. Darts khel rahe hain shayad. Who knows.

2. This is behind the scenes of a documentary. True Story. 

3. Technically he ain’t wrong. Aur waise bhi sanskari log aise hi baat karte hain. 

4. OMG! Aurat? Itna skin aur khule baal? Sanskar kahan hain hamare? 

5. Because of course, GAY IS BAD. Sanskar ke total against hai ye.

6. Oh, nothing. Just a picture of Munna bhaiya passing the laddu to his future wife. 

7. All that white stuff you see in the background, that’s just books Pablo Escobar bought for kids in Colombia. 

8. Iss show ka toh season 3 bhool hi jaao. Also, for your reference, Babu ji was playing Holi. Hence, the red. 

9. It’s a cricket bat. He’s kid. What else could it be? 

10. Is it the Mother of Dragons or is it John Cena? Cos you ain’t seeing shit!

11. God is cute. It’s true. Actually this might also cause a storm but it’s preferable to the other C-word. 

12. Agarbatti ka dhuaan hai ye, bro! It smells nice + is ultra-sanskari

Well, this is how it is going to be. I mean, we can all hope that it won’t but let’s be honest, when have the people in power ever listened to us? Not like it’s their job, anyway.