What is it like to be the only girl in a group of friends? Or what is it like to have ‘a’ girl in your gang?

Well, a lot of us have been a part of this bittersweet story line and the experiences are somewhat the same. On one hand, the girl becomes a part of the guy clan and the guy clan embrace her like she is one of them. And thus, she becomes one of the dudes. 

These comic strips accurately describe the various inevitable sticky situations that happen in this arrangement. If you are the girl who is now one of the ‘dudes’, this one’s for you. 

1. When boundaries are blurred and did you say shame? 

2. When there is no fear of judgment.

3. The word ‘girl’ is slowly making its way out of your life but do you really care?

4. Haters will hate, potatoes will potate and you will eat butter chicken with your boys. 

5. When their girlfriends hate you.

6. When they literally forget you are a girl. 

7. When they know how to be after you have just broken up. 

8. When the joy of dressing up turns into the-guys-trying-really-hard-to-be-funny story. 

9. There are also a few skills that you learn…

10. When they turn to you for girl advice. 

11. Your tears are still a big mystery for them.

12. No guy will be good enough for you, according to them. And no girl will ever be date-able enough for them, according to you.

Relatable much?

Comic Illustrations by Aroop Mishra