With lines in front of ATMs and banks getting longer with each passing day, there just doesn’t seem to be enough new money for everybody.

The Indian Express

Lucky are those who’ve managed to acquire the new 2,000/- & 500/- notes. You might not get the change later, but hey, the initial happiness of holding the new currency notes remains.

However, while India might still be grappling with a currency shortage, China already seems to be having a ‘surplus’ of it. 


So much so, that they made wallets out of our new notes. (If a tweet by businessman Harsh Goenka is to be believed)

IMHO, the currency on these wallets look pretty legit.

Harsh Goenka

Modi ji should definitely bring this issue up the next time he meets Xi Jinping.

Also, if true, then this calls for a little payback.

In conclusion, we’d just like to leave you with Rakhi Sawant’s take on the entire issue.