Is it only me or have your dreams been running wild too while you’re actually on house arrest? I mean, I am literally dreaming about all the things I can’t have, drinking, dancing, partying, momos, traveling and my ex. 


Sick of having consecutive dreams about my relationship with my ex, I finally decided to google why this was happening to me. Turns out I’m not the only one who has been dreaming about her ex and googling it.  

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FYI, accoridng to a new research conducted by AGY47, searches for ‘Why am I dreaming about my ex’ has surged by a massive increase of 2450%. Turns out everybody wants to know why they’re subconsciously thinking about their old flames while quarantining.  


Well, turns out dreaming about an ex is 25 times more common during the coronavirus pandemic. Now I’m no expert but for me, it’s probably the fear of dying alone and single that probably making me have these bizarre dreams. 


Marilyn Devonish,the NeuroSuccess Coach and founder of TranceFormations tells  that the increase in searches could have everything to do with the current lockdown. She further added: 

This dream can signify there may be qualities and aspects missing in your current relationship or life, with the dream highlighting the missing traits. It can also mean you are missing your ex or what they represent.

She decoded these dreams in-depth and mentioned that dreaming about our exes could be a metaphor for the times that have gone by and the sadness it has brought to us. She elaborated:  

If you feel your ex ‘abandoned’ you, this can be around self-acceptance, not being cared for or feeling left out and not included. If you were dominated in the relationship, it can be a reminder to take your power back and affirm your own sense of strength.   

Well, it’s good to know that I’m not the only one who’s facing the ghost of their ex’s past in my dreams.