Indian men have a strange relationship with their genitals; perhaps pornography has skewed our general perception of what makes for aesthetically appeasing nads – who knows? But the fact remains that under the garb of anonymity provided by Quora, Indian men have embarked on a rampage of strange questions regarding their penises. 

Matlab, what the heck is this?

And if you thought this was a one-off blunder, a bizarre but solitary example of curiosity gone wrong, well… nope. 

I understand the need to ask embarrassing questions, but the sheer volume of queries like this from Indian men is downright confounding. These kind of questions are obviously pretty popular, so I tried finding out why.   

Could the reason behind the multitudes of Indian men asking penis size questions be due to a lack of conversation around the topic in the first place? Is it because its considered a taboo, and something that isn’t normalised?

There’s even questions like this, that aren’t just strange but also toe the line between bizarre and inquisitive.

Bhai yeh ‘bone pressed’ kya hai? Arre kehna kya chahte ho? It’s quite a weird part of the internet to be in, that’s for sure.

There’s just too many random questions! It doesn’t end!

Kuch toh inherent insecurity hai, that much is clear. But beyond a point you have to wonder if some of them are just trying to troll the Quora system or something.

Predictably enough, most of the responses to these questions are by trolls. However, there are a few legitimate answers to be found there as well.

In fact, this Indian study on penile length and circumference also backs up the claims above, something which I hope many of the good folks asking these questions can find some satisfaction in. 

Clearly, there’s a lot of burning questions Indian men have. They also happen to be penis related. But they’re not about burning penises. Anyway, the point is, I have a lot more questions about these questions! What can be done to change this environment is to normalise talking about something like this. Maybe not with people you just meet, but we at least need to remove the taboo and stigma that surrounds it.