This is not a paid post. We’re genuinely in awe of the man. ‘Deshdrohi’ ki kasam.

2. Think he’s a bad actor? Well, that’s not gonna stop him from making movies.


3. You think his movies suck? He agrees.

He doesn’t shy away from reviewing his own bad films.

Because #YOLO.

4. He doesn’t give a fuck if you’ve been trying hard NOT to know the plot twist.

Have knowledge. Will share.

5. You think you can make fun of him? Please go ahead.

Sabse zyaada publicity woh khud karega.

6. He doesn’t care if he’s breaking someone’s heart. Rules are rules.

7. So what if the world thinks he’s a champu? He’s sexy & he knows it.

Or maybe, he was talking about that guy in the background wearing a blue shirt. But who cares?

8. He doesn’t give a fuck about his surroundings.

All he cares about, is reviewing movies. Such dedication. Much wow.

9. He doesn’t care if his movie reviews suck.

What he does care about is ki sabko chain ki neend aa jaaye. How selfless!

10. While most people were wondering what to do on New Year’s Eve, he was busy celebrating it with Shah Rukh Khan

Seriously, even we’re trying to figure out how he managed to do that.

11. You thought Deshdrohi sucked? Good. All the more reason to make Deshdrohi 2.

12. You might hate his movie reviews, but megastar Amitabh Bachchan loves them.

Which probably explains his presence at the launch of ‘KRK Box office’.