Over the years, a lot has changed around us. Human kind has come a long way and each generation has seen their own share of history so how do you pin point which generation was the most unique? 

Well, someone has the answer to this question. Twitter user, Zambian Influencer, says this: 

He believes people born between 1985 and 1995 are the most unique generation. 

And, he also gives reasons to justify himself in a series of threads. He makes some really good points and, we can’t help but agree.

But, before you jump to conclusions, check out what he has to say first and then decide for yourself. 

Reason 1: They are living in-between two generations. The one before the internet and technology era and the one after it. 

Reason 2: The generation before them believed in working hard and the generation after them believes in working smart. 

Reason 3: From radio to virtual reality, they have seen it all in terms of technological advancements. And, we can’t deny that, can we?

Reason 4: The generation before them was scammed and fooled easily but the generation after them is more cautious. 

Reason 5: They know the perfect balance between following traditions and making sense. They don’t make decisions blindly. 

Reason 6: They are the ones who saw the rise of the industrial age and the age of the internet. 

And, he ends his thread with this sweet little note: 

Some very compelling arguments, right?