The world wide web is a strange place. Very strange. 

And why WikiHow exists, gives us an existential crisis. 

I mean who handles WikiHow? The kind of questions asked and their bizarre answers will leave you with more questions than answers.

And since we have too much time at hand looking at random things on the internet, we came across this tweet and the existence of this page on WikiHow titled, 

How to deal with Indian parents? 

A very valid question indeed, I mean how do you? The responses are even more amusing.

(Oh, the artwork shall have Picasso sit up in his grave)

It starts off perfectly fine. I mean stereotypical but not batshit crazy. 

And then veers into a very weird territory. 

If Sharma Ji ka beta has that pair of jeans, you shall have it too!

You can basically get away with anything, so long as your distract your parents with discounts. 

*good value for paisa clothes*

And then it suddenly dishes out some very valuable advice.

Like when you have your relatives over, just go full namaste on them!