‘Oh, you got married? Let me immediately start troubling you with a barrage of questions about when you’re planning on having babies!’ does seem to be a popular line of thought when it comes to family and friends of practically any newlywed. And as much as we may hate it, we usually end up finding ways – ranging from tactful to not-so-tactful – to tell them that our family plans really aren’t any of their damn business.

One woman on Imgur, however, came up with the most delightfully clever way to shut those nosy questions up for a long time to come.

Married for a while, marlboroprincess had had enough of random ‘well-wishers’ expressing their views on how she and her husband live their awesome life. So an adorable cuddle machine, Leelu, was brought into their lives… not only to silence all motherhood concerns for a while, but to shower her and the hubby with unconditional love.

And the wonderful people of Imgur absolutely loved it!

“Aww. Did you opt for in vitro furr-tilization?”

“Congrats on the doggy style..”

“Tell them you try 4 times a day”

“”We’re in the same situation, but now we’re getting our second puppy :smile:

And so did we. Way to go, missy!