Remember how Rachel from FRIENDS gave up on her decision making power coz life is hard as it is and now we have to make adult decisions? What even?


Well meet, a real life Rachel.

According to, a woman has posted an ad on looking for someone who can take her decisions for her. And the job pays whopping £2,000 (₹1,83,766 according to present exchange rate) a month.

The woman from Bristol, England, explains that she has made poor decisions in life ranging from finance to her love life. And now she’s looking for some guidance to get her life back on track.


According to Times Now, she got stuck while backpacking in New Zealand without any money, wasn’t able to recover money loaned to a friend, and was in a toxic relationship for 6 months. All these unfortunate happenings have led her to believe that she can’t take the ‘right decisions’.

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Now she wants someone to be on call 24/7 to guide her through Tinder dates, investments and so on – essentially giving full control of her life to that one person, for four weeks.

We hear you, sister. Nobody told us life was gonna be this way.

Adulting’s no joke.