A few months ago, the internet saw a trend come into existence; The ‘Girl math’ trend. It included women sharing how they plan their finances, or how they decide what to buy. To the untrained (read: misogynistic) eye, the trend may seem frivolous and a terrible way to do the math, but really it’s a peek into how women make choices, and how the reasoning behind it isn’t any less than how men think.

But how did the ‘Girl math’ trend lead to the birth of the ‘Boy math’ trend? Well, the answer is that the latter is a response to people making fun of women talking about the former.

Credit: Twitter/ @SLYTAUREAN__

Now people are calling out the holy trinity; misogyny, sexism and patriarchy by pointing out all the ways in which they screw us over. Here, take a look at what we’re talking about:

So much wit! We love it.