So Pakistan beat India by 10 wickets in the World T20. It was a 12-match winning streak we lost. And it bloody hurts. Actually, just move on to the points, I am too sad to write the res…

1. Walking with sandals on and little pebbles sneak in under and keep poking your feet while you walk. 


2. It may be false but reading about how Shin Chan actually died protecting his sister and his mother made up the whole story about him being mischievous to remember him.

TV Asahi

3. Accidentally stubbing your toe in the winter. 


4. Last season of Game of Thrones

Bored Panda

5. Tony Stark’s death in Avengers: Endgame and every episode of What If. 

Screen Geek

6. Bablu Bhaiya’s death in Mirzapur


7. Your mom saying ‘dad ko aaney de’ when you were a kid. 

Wee Gutter Snipe

8. Being a Manchester United supporter last night. 

The Guardian

9. Watching your crush’s Insta reels only for her to introduce her BF/husband one random day. 

Lyrics over A2z

10. Constipation on an Indian toilet. 


11. A woman with her own opinion on Twitter. 

Know Your Meme

12. Receiving Vim bar from Amazon after paying for an iPhone. 


13. White shirt pe tel lagna


14. Realising after 15 mins of walking out of the house only to realise you forgot your phone. 


15. That first sip of alcohol and that first hangover. 


16. When they use a yellow filter to show 3rd World countries. 

Matador network

17. The last 45 minutes of Sardar Udham

Indian Express

18. Hitting your own testicles by mistake. 


19. Obviously, period and pregnancy hurt a lot more than anything else here. 

Women’s Health

20. Paani peete peete jab windpipe mein chal jaata hai and for a brief second, you’re like, ‘tell my parents I love them’, except you can’t say that either because you’re choking. 


Going back to sleep. But no, this shit day is also a Monday. So that plan has fallen apart in the space of a sentence.