If you consider yourself an excellent liquor connoisseur, then here’s an interesting piece of news for you. The world’s largest bottle of scotch whiskey, which contains over 444 standard bottles of alcohol, has been auctioned for $1.375 million (₹13,75,000).


The nearly 6-foot tall bottle, which is named The Intrepid, was distilled at The Macallan in Speyside, Scotland in 1989. The large bottle contains over 68.41 gallons (259 litres) of single-malt whiskey. 

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The Intrepid was named after eleven of the world’s most pioneering explorers, who are also featured on the bottle.

Whiskey Raiders

The auction house, Lyon and Turnbull, took to its official social media handle and shared the news that the huge bottle has been sold to an anonymous buyer.

As per the auction house, a number of exclusive bottle sets and miniatures of the same whiskey were also sold at the auction.

Jon Land, Director of Operations at Rosewin Holdings said:

Over the past two and a half years, this giant bottle and everything it stands for has allowed us to gain exposure for exploration, following dreams and general positivity in a challenging global climate. We would like to thank the 11 explorers and we hope they have benefitted from being a part of this project.

We need this whiskey bottle to get us through this week!