There was a time when inventors were looked at with great reverence for their works. Works that benefited humanity and ushered progress into society. And then, there are these uber-genius folk who’re still trying to figure out why their ‘fish fry flavoured cold drink’ is still not taking the market over by storm. These guys are a special brand of nincompoops, an offset (a big one) to a flash of genius and the never-ending source of brain farts. But hey, let me not be the only judge. Check these product ideas out and tell us what you thought.

Here are 15 of the most hilariously idiotic product and invention ideas this century has seen.

1. That’s how 300happened.

2. The doggy diaper that did nothing.

3. Of course, that’s where my belly’s from.

4. Nope. My ex-girlfriend was enough.

5. Grandma? No, no, no. Just no.

6. What style would you get?

7. Only small traces. You can be sure of that.

8. Day old jerky is best when it’ been up your ass.

9. Although dogs don’t sweat, I’m interested in knowing what this is.

10. You know, I’d rather keep my hair.

11. To induce vomiting I think.

12. What is that? Really.

13. I have a feeling my mom came up with this.

14. I’d rather sit through another Twilight movie.

15. Oh Japan. Ho we all love you.

I feel smarter already.

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