'Dhyaan se dekhiye inn darindo ko'

News channels have a flair for the dramatic. There's shouting, hate mongering, windows (Oh the windows!) and of course - hell breaking lose with every breaking story! No matter what, news channels will always be unbashed. Except for one thing that can make each one of them go red in the face — odd and hilarious typos.

Which is why we did our research and have dug up a list of the most embarrassing news channel typos from around the world. Enjoy!

1. When you take text instructions more seriously than the news itself.

2. Don't watch this bulletin with your parents.

3. Wait.....what!?

4. Umm.... Tell me if I'm supposed to be happy or sad?

5. We really need more words here.

6. Tell me someone got fired!

7. Looks like an important guy.

8. Meanwhile, in a parallel universe!

9. That was a happy day for them Brits! 

10. That's what happens when the producer hasn't slept well.

That's all for the breaking bloopers today! Goodnight and good news!