From making news by writing unnecessarily exaggerated headlines to using filmy dialogues and tone, Indian media will go to any lengths to grab their viewers’ attention. And sometimes, even while reporting on serious issues, these news channels write such twisted headlines that make us shake our heads in disappointment.

There’s no doubt that everyone was shocked by the horrifying scenes of Russia invading Ukraine. While the grim situation left the entire world shocked, many of the Indian media reporters covered the news in the most inappropriate way possible.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

1. Because TRP ke liye kuch bhi chalega!


2. How is that even possible?


3. Give that graphic designer an award already.


4. And we are all like, “yeh kab hua bhai?


5. We don’t know about giving Ukraine ‘sharan‘ but what we do know for a fact is that India abstained from voting on Ukraine at the UN Security Council.


6. It’s never a good call to treat your leaders like God. Just look at world history!


Here’s what the netizens think about these insensitive headlines:

The first rounds of peace talks between Russia and Ukraine amounted to nothing. Today, as Russia intensified their attacks, 21 people lost their lives in Kharkiv shelling.