Internet is a fun place to be – we see things that we didn’t even know existed. Now, these things can range from funny to straight up shocking, depending on the days. For today’s share of weird, we’ve a subreddit that goes by the name WTF Stock Photos and it’ll make you go – yeh kya ho raha hai?

It’s about all the weird and at times, creepy stock photos that exist. And, I guarantee that these images won’t leave your head very easily – at least that’s what happened with me.

1. When our moms say – khaana kha lo, varna bhoot TV se bahar aajayega.

2. Because, it’s not a cheat day and you still can’t give up on those fries.

3. Where can I park my rhinoceros?

4. There’s something about that nayi chappal wali smell.

5. Angoori Devi before her appearance in Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai. 

6. After BharatPe, it’s DogPe.

7. If Mr. Bean were a villain.

8. When your friends are all saanp.

9. This is exactly why our parents don’t let us see Santa.

10. I mean, humans asked for it.

11. Like that cookie box which is actually a sewing kit.

12. Had too much of that wine?

13. Ahh, this is just something that we all want – nahi?

14. Flowers toh sab dete hain, give me something useful.

15. This is how I plan on ageing.

We appreciate your commitment if you stayed till the end. But sorry, not sorry.